Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Ive realized lately that one of my favorite things to do is build a business and watch as it sprouts and grows like a flower. To me, its one of thsoe more satisfying things i can do in this world. Back when it was just a seed, it was scary betting all on this. Life is a gamble, pure and simple. If your married and in debt, your sorry ass will not be thinking out of the box. Rather, satisfying the needs of the wide opened mouths of the chicks back home are first prirority. Risk takers sometimes lose but a good and simple strategy is needed for everything in life, as did this. Something my uncle once told me is so completely wrong... He said "Never have a pertner in business because its like a marriage" problem with the advice is this uncle likely screwed his partners and convinced himself twas the other way around.. A good partner can be the best thing that ever happened to you, or your business.

I smoked many cigarettes and interviewed around 20 people in the last week and now understand that the job market is terrible. I also absorbed a while ago that the economy has gone to shit here in the US and that others in foreign countries are thriving. I dont really care about this fact but I have my eye on those countries. The 3 reps I have hired are competent, clear spoken and are doing well.
I'll say it here, if this does get large and/or succesful it will be influences like Napolean Hill and Dale Carnegie that I would credit. Vast knowledge is stored on these shelves in Barnes & Noble, VAST. Fact is, you just cant read stuff on the web and actually learn a life long lesson that you will remember forever. None of that fiction crap, true and inspirational stories about great people that have done great things. That is the type of books one should read if they are to gain real world applicable sort of knowledge. The best of sorts I think...

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