Thursday, January 04, 2018


I’ll admit. My view of the world is radical. I do not agree with the regular ways it runs (currently).

Creativity can with no doubt be utilized to engineer better societies. Perhaps since I have not been abroad in recent years my mind has become Amerifucked.

What I mean by this is that when I turn the radio on to get informed, I’m fed misinformation. Misinformation combined with some advertisements which promise happiness - one way or another.

The person who holds the highest and most revered office in our country is not exactly the role model which these tend to and should absolutely be. A pompous, twittter-ranting, handicapped, POW & woman shaming, wheeling and forever dealing hustler who probably only backs us Jews because his daughter married and converted into one. Fuck your pyrrhic niceness.

What people who are outside of the US dont understand is that those images of Black Friday sales, where people are being trampled on for that discount goes on in a more subtle way here EVERYDAY.

America is a sale. It’s a hustle. Absolutely and totally a business for profit which utilizes a morphed form of capitalism to strongarm and straight up steal from weaker countries.