Sunday, September 30, 2012

I hope to explore this here land soon.

A simple rifle or other firearm wont cut it, when exploring here. Something full auto with a large magazine. That is, the only way I'd feel safe exploring on foot. 

Fuck Schools

Another Puppet

Early Dawn

Progrevolution - Evolution in progress, or progress in evolution.

Coinage is something I Always liked. Kind of like bouncing off the best, your original creativity.

Feel free to fall into the abyss that is the archives of this blog. A soul born in the cold, snowy winter.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Take a deep breathe, this is the Adirondacks.

Photo copyright Carl Heilman II

Chapter 6

The past year has been quite a roller coaster ride, I've been more active on this page than ever. Not sure if I'm catering to my growing audience, talking thru posts to individual people, or to people who may happen upon these in the future.

I'd like to say, the slactivism you've been seeing, thru posting of posters, my links to Gov't declassified docs and such for your dissemination is a result of lessons learnt and the undeniable feel to share or spread ideas that I agree with.

It's soon to be a year since my landing here in Israel as a true to the blue Israeli. I think I may have been taught lessons in the year past which have changed me dramatically.

I've learned that I find it hard to see a woman walk away from me. This because of the showering of love my mother would sprinkle on me any moment given, growing up. It's fine as my current plans do not allow for another to whom I'd have to dedicate time.

I try, as often as possible, to step out of my own bubble and place myself in the shoes of others, to try and understand them. Here, in Israel, I mainly see people trying to make sure they'll have enough to not go further into "Meenus"/debt. The average Israeli has not the time to think out of their box -- to darn busy surviving. I remember saying they are selfish but this is untrue. They are not given the luxury to think freely.

I learned, for the 3rd time, that mixing business with family is not the way to go.

A  great lesson mastered was how to build/mold the frail/skinny body I've always had.

I dun learned that you can own your own brain and like a cold faced psychiatrist, during a session, compartmentalize and prioritize reaction. I never forget.

I was mentored into understanding, I can't fix shit less I fix myself first.

Made many a mistake, but also was taught not to dwell on them. To learn from them and that progress will only come if I continue to make them.

I learnt that most of my life, I've been a selfish prick, inconsiderate of others and used manipulative tactics to reach end results that satiated only MY wants.

I've been despicably nasty to strangers and also those closest to me. Whether deserved or not -- I offer no apology. Screeching up along on that learning curve. I atone for jack-shit. I can't keep trying to fix people and need to realize negative conditioning is widespread. I honestly and truly believe it gets you nowhere, talking.

I've learned that I am damned, in the sense that I am prone to depression but because of mania, I cannot ever touch anti-depressants. Thanks, god.

My thinking, because of meditation, and certain studies have become sharp as my knife after a good run on my Gander sharpener.

I've learned that all I need to do in order to be properly misunderstood, is to simply be me. I know I have been misunderstood since the day I made Aliyah. Again, conditioning.

Mainly Blogmaster, I learned, that I have a fuck lot to learn...

A post from exactly 6 years ago.

Last thing: Being a New Yorker in Israel, I am confused as to what intergalactic Jewish law would say about my being online right now... They say, where you are or where you live determines the time of holidays. Not sure my head has a timezone though. Definitely sure, however, that I am judging myself here because that seems to be what gets done this time'ayear.

DOD Psychological Operations Master Plan

Here, it states clearly how America uses Psyops to influence nations and further American interests (whether wanted or not) in any given nation. I am American and see wrong in this. Simply because, if someone came and tried to influence my Americanism with their bullshit I'd be pissed the fuck off. Wouldn't you? Born in Coney Island Hospital, I'm as American as one can be but I see through the lies of "bringing democracy abroad" and know that imposing our will on others or stealing their resources is not the way to go. However, this easily found manual, proves we do just that.

"The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is
before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out
to meet it." ~ Thucydides Greek Historian, 401 B.C.

Chinpoko Mon Episode - South Park (bout social influence)

A question posed to redditors and their answers.

Being that America is the nation with the most armed civilians, hypothetically, if there was an armed revolution, would we have a chance at winning our Gov't back?

I've wondered about this for a while. Its obvious civilians would need training and structure like the military but what would be the outcome of such action?
Edit: I should add to the equation, psyops, conducted against the police and military to help get them to DEFECT. If that were to be incorporated, then would there be a chance?
Just love Askreddit.
Legal notice: I am NOT, in any way, inciting violence or any armed revolution. This here, is simply a hypothetical question.

Guess I'm an anti-Republican crusader - Zo, pls dont hate me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eve of the Kippur


A sick dude.

I remember once, a childhood friend of mine, Dan and I were driving around his area of Brooklyn (Georgetown/Canarsie) when he pointed to a building and said "that there is where this dude, the Iceman used to chop up bodies as  a professional hit-man for the mob".  Now a church, the place he was pointing at was indeed used by the person below (I looked it up). I'm not sure if they mention it in the vid but, he used to tie his victims up, then he'd leave them in cave area  (not far from I where I grew up),  would also leave a camera, so as to record the rats eating alive the poor soul he left there. Being part polish I can attest to the fact that many are cold-hearted , but there is control and there are levels and spectrum's people fall into. This man made # 22 on Dr. Michael Stone's "evil" list Evil being a little and stupid word, Id prefer to say the man was a cold-hearted phsycopath, who was able to use his mental illness and profit from it, as did/do many people, like Al Capone w/his rare form of Syphillis or Edgar Allen Poe w/his depression and Bi-polarism.

"I was once an altar boy"

One flew over the coockoo's nest - Full Flik

Gotta love these rap videos

Cupl'a Randoms

A lovely shot/sight

Bout 'The New Deal' by FDR

In terms of reform, the New Deal legacy may have been unmatched in American history. For better or worse, Roosevelt's program drastically altered the relationship between the capitalist market, the people, and their government, creating for the first time in this country's history an activist state committed to providing individual citizens with a measure of security against the unpredictable 


'Early Treatment of Mental Disorders' - "Early"? Ya mean just 45-50 years ago? And ECT being a CURRENT $5BN a year biz?

Damn right

‎'I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our constitution. I mean an additional article, taking from the federal government the power of borrowing'.~ Vice President THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to John Taylor, November 26, 1798.The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, ed. Paul L. Ford, vol. 7, p. 310 .