Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A sick dude.

I remember once, a childhood friend of mine, Dan and I were driving around his area of Brooklyn (Georgetown/Canarsie) when he pointed to a building and said "that there is where this dude, the Iceman used to chop up bodies as  a professional hit-man for the mob".  Now a church, the place he was pointing at was indeed used by the person below (I looked it up). I'm not sure if they mention it in the vid but, he used to tie his victims up, then he'd leave them in cave area  (not far from I where I grew up),  would also leave a camera, so as to record the rats eating alive the poor soul he left there. Being part polish I can attest to the fact that many are cold-hearted , but there is control and there are levels and spectrum's people fall into. This man made # 22 on Dr. Michael Stone's "evil" list Evil being a little and stupid word, Id prefer to say the man was a cold-hearted phsycopath, who was able to use his mental illness and profit from it, as did/do many people, like Al Capone w/his rare form of Syphillis or Edgar Allen Poe w/his depression and Bi-polarism.

"I was once an altar boy"

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