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How we do - Ziarno Family

On Tha Jock

My Pops - Yakov Rozenblatt - Where JFK was shot

True Love

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Stay stoked
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Nas - Made You Look

recent convo

u ever see the people who can spray/spit vodka out their mouths into a fireball??

people can do it into a big fireball, right?

i need to learn how to do this to crisp up someones face, if they deserve it.
blame it on a mistake or something, like when lighting a cigarette and then sneezing @ the bar or something..

like dick cheney when he shot his friend in the face for wising off probably

Thought Police [Orwell Style]

What they said about you was all lies. A true soldier. RIP w/Honor

Just missing a militant dude with an M4 @ your door.../....

My lyrics go through your brain, just like an unstoppable train.

Aww, cute turtle.

The sun, in ultraviolet

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Pigs/Police Hanging the way they deserve to.

Familial - Youths of the Orelowitz Clan

Unexpected groceries surprise/guest

WARNING! Extremely Powerful Third Eye Opening Binaural Beat Meditation

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Damian Marley- Road To Zion Lyrics - there is always* an end* to Prolificness*. With that, and yes, once again, POOOF, he's gone.

Time to put my head down and bow out, of the US, for a while. Gonna read some good fiction and Bill Bryson type stuff. Don't wan't to be the D.C. Madam, so, I'm out, kinda like you'd "B" when some dumb "Goya" G just said she's having your baby ;-}

True Legends Never Die.

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Immortal Technique - The 3rd World (Full Album)

Immortal Technique -- Point of No Return


Nas & Damian Marley - Patience + lycris

'Merica Muhfucker

Dance With The Devil - Immortal Technique

Lawless (2012): All the Fight Scenes (Amazing Acting)


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2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug [More Truf Sirum]

Theez Daze

A Shout To Immortal Technique

Wicked Shot Of a Friend [if you know any tips on how to turn a hot friend into a wife, let me know]

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Lawless (2012) - Tom Hardy - The Course of Your Life is Changing...

I'm humbled to say, I know these guys and they do excellent work...

Big Pun - Boomerang

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Rippity Dippity

Wu-Tang Clan - Tearz (Instrumental) [Track 11]

Pancake Dog

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NYPD caught red-handed sanitizing police brutality Wikipedia entries


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Redman - Whateva Man

Bout words

Imagine a world where the words one can speak, are limited, like years, in this one. Imagine. So much more truth, so much less bullshit.

How Amazon Championed the CSE Market

As if being the largest CSE on the planet isn't enough, Amazon's long tentacles reach further than just the site itself. Amazon ads are also placed prevalently on what used to be premiere shopping comparison sites, as seen below.

Sites like Pricegrabber, Nextag and others used to be the go to places for the best prices - not anymore. Amazon's marketing techniques are diverse and very much widespread, utilizing these sites that were once considered powerhouses in the market. This tactic causes reach far beyond the site itself, but instead  all other comparison shopping sites as well, to draw shoppers in from many different avenues.
The Amazon effect on once powerful competitors can be seen below.
Let's take a look at how a company with humble roots (Amazon was started by 3 guys out of a garage) grew to be the Goliath it currently is today. Amazon was founded around 20 years ago (1995) and the founders vision was for it to be "the worlds largest bookstore". It saw sales of a half million dollars in the first 6 months of operating. The following year its sales grew to $15.7 million dollars and the year after it's revenue was a whopping $147.8 million. It's exponential growth is attributed to their genius marketing techniques which include 3 things - selection, convenience, and operational efficiency. In 2005 Amazon's stock was $34.74, compare that to its current price $293.64 and you get a glimpse of how well the company has been doing. 

Through the years they have successfully diversified their core business (while sticking to their successful approach) from books to other "verticals" such as electronics, home and garden etc. This is how Amazon has managed to dominate the CSE market and differentiate themselves from the rest.

On convenience, Amazon has rolled out some great customer loyalty programs such as free shipping, one click shopping and Amazon Prime which makes shopping at the site extremely efficient and easy.

On operational efficiency, Amazon has opened warehouses spread out all around the country near well established logistics services making the process very easy and convenient. Their FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) feature allows merchants to stock their merchandise at these many warehouse locations making shipping to end users a breeze. 


There's no way to know, if this reoccurring consciousness is the main. Considering things, it could just be, that a day awake is but a quick fragment of what we call a dream. Perhaps there is a cycle of dimensions that we "wake up" into. Perhaps not, and this is the only one. The pinnacle of being, as I see it, is consciousness. But, that isn't life.

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Yael Naim - Too Long

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This is my friend Nyc, USMC

50 Cent - Irregular Heartbeat ft. Jadakiss, Kidd Kidd


Have A Happy Purim

Nature is wonderful

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The Tyde

Being I wake quite early in the AM these days, taking the advice of someone who I met many years ago, Sarano Kelly, I find time like this to write. Sarano explains that once your eyes open, whatever time this may be, even 3 hours before your alarm clock goes off, you should jump out of bed like a lion*, not a sheep, scared to meet the day, don't lay or sit in it for 2 hours before your scheduled time to wake. The practice of laying in bed, after having woken, is detrimental to the rest of your day.

Consequentially, you will find yourself yawning, tired, groggy, unalert throughout the day. Believe me when I tell you, I fought the truth of this lesson for quite a while before finally realization that it is damn fucking true has set in.

I'm not sure exactly what the cause of what I'm about to say is, perhaps I wasted so many years fucking around in life, but I now am a no nonsense type soul. Could look at you stone faced after you tell your funniest joke. Could tell you something no one has ever had the nerve to say to your face, nonchalantly and flagrantly, as if I do this all the time, because I do. I'll challenge you to do something about what I just said, and will make you realize, you're stuck. Try arguing with someone who is not afraid of the police, of physical violence, of brutal retribution for actions I commit. Fuck it, let me tell you, I don't fear death anymore. I have been ready to die since I woke from my life slumber some months ago.

I tell people that it is better to live one day truly alive, doing whatever the fuck you want, regardless of societal norms, the law, whatever you've been told or led to think is "normal". Break free from that oppressive shit and live. Again, better to live one day than it is to not be truly alive for 100 years.

I consider myself one of the luckiest people alive today. This is because I have now had a few months of this "living" and unless someone puts a bullet in my head anytime soon, I plan on accelerating this and enjoying the fruits of it for quite some time to come.

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R.A. the Rugged Man "Posse Cut" Music Video feat. Hell Razah, Jojo Pelli...



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TRASHYOUTH - Satisfaction (Remix) [Another dedicated to the little one. She likes to disrespect sometimes but that will change]