Saturday, October 28, 2017


2 Pac You Can't See Me

Integrity - Respect

~ Paul Escudero [u have my vote]

So today I was at my job and there was a group of old white guys standing around a red pickup truck that said Deer Watch Inn B&B Durham, NY. I have been vocal and public about the need to #ENDNRACORRUPTION of the police, bar associations, and public unions and they must have recognized me. Previously I appeared in numerous segments on Woodstock Community Access television about our country's serious #gunviolence problem and its relationship to police work and #NRAcorruption. The men made sure that I heard them say that I am "A prisoner of the CIA" and then some tripe about their guns and the name of Woodstock Town Council candidate Lorin Rose was said. I felt harassed, and threatened by them even though we were in public and unfortunately this isn't the first time this has happened. If NY decides to have a constitutional convention I intend to run for delegate. The behavior of these people is unacceptable. I am posting this so that Woodstockers understand exactly what is going on beneath the surface. I will point out that two years ago I was playing softball one Sunday morning at Andy Lee field and I saw the former close friend of Mr. Rose, Jeremy Wilbur speaking to the contractor who had finished the renovation of the community center. I had not met the man so I went up and introduced myself to him. We exchanged pleasantries and as I turned to leave to walk back to the softball field he turned to the contractor and said, "He knows that we have the houses bugged". I AM WILLING AND PREPARED TO TAKE A POLYGRAPH ABOUT THIS EVENT. There are various possibilities here. One is that he was making a joke but such a joke would be grossly inappropriate for a town supervisor to make to a citizen. Some will claim he was not in his right mind but at the time he was still serving as town supervisor so if he was then there is no reason why he should have been in office. The third and frankly I am disgusted to have to say this is that Mr. Wilbur was in the know and a party to an unlawful surveillance operation taking place here in the town. It is a secret to no one that those with ties to the hippies, the anti war movements, gay rights, civil rights, or cannabis legalization have been unlawfully monitored here and subjected to various dirty tricks. I do not believe these are federally or state sanctioned operations but rather the actions of a network of conservative conspirators acting like parasites from within town, county, and state jobs. Certainly I do not believe for one second the trash throwing Lorin Roses name around and claiming "I am a prisoner of the CIA" have anything to do with the intelligence community. Knowing all of this I am unsure why we are building a monument to Mr. Wilbur. As additional proof of how this kind of thing can operate I will mention that I was doing a #gunviolence segment on Woodstock 104 until there was a strange incident at my daughters school where she lived with her mother in another state. The police were staging a live training exercise for active shooters and were herding the kids on to the football field with their hands up. The police in that town (which I am prepared to provide newspaper articles in documentation of) claimed that they received a social media threat while the "training exercise" was taking place. My daughter whom I am estranged from (not by accident either) left school grounds and went home because she did not feel safe. Police claim they were unable to determine the source of the social media "threat" but my daughter was called before the principal by the police and they tried to pin it on her. I am quite certain that she had nothing to do with it. As soon as I heard about this I ceased doing my radio broadcasts. We are faced with a choice here. What kind of America what kind of Woodstock do we want to live in. Do you want to live in a Woodstock where an inner circle of conspirators are watching you in your home? Compiling dossiers and releasing information about your private life at Hannaford or at PTA so they can manipulate the social fabric using unlawful surveillance and COINTELPRO? We can choose liberty. We can choose safety. We do not have to live in the cold war state certain folks are recreating against the will of a world and people that have outgrown it. Choose your candidates for town council wisely. If the people will it and there is a Constitutional Convention remember me Paul Escudero as candidate for delegate. We don't have to live in a state of perpetual war, without liberty or safety with invisible creeps monitoring us in our homes and cars and using that ill gotten and poisonous fruit to manipulate our behavior. Government is supposed to do the will of the people but certain folks have decided it is easier to manipulate the people into doing the will of the government. We have a choice and I hope it is LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Pig People [not the police type] Coming Soon To A Reality Near You

BTW - My "thoughts" are that science can never "go too far". When it comes to science experiments; Go it all the way. Fuck tradition & deal with the unknown repercussion of human curiosity as it comes.

Like the A-team but we're not televised...nor do we want to be.

Knowledge Dropped Under The Guise Of Time Wasted

Something interesting happened today...

Was in South Beach Miami, down next to Ocean Drive. Was in an alleyway with my rent-a-car and was blocked at the end of it by some small truck. Apparently, they give not any fucks for passersby who also happened to be alive and have things to do / places to be after they score some weed in this overly coked up town.

Shhit was I pissed. So I started honking... Was honking like one of those most annoying type of honking people... A person came out from an adjacent building and went to the driver of said truck (who I now found was inside the drivers seat of the truck I was honking behind) who was not reacting to my volley of angry and drawn out honks.

He then walked out of his truck and toward me.

He asked me one thing or another to which I replied "get the fuck outta my way" what the fuck are you doing" & began to exit my vehicle, throwing my seat belt aside frivolously and with rampant expellage of loud words.

He began to speak to me in Spanish...I was visibly pissed...

I simply wanted him to move. But regardless of my expelling of angry words - Spanish, English, Malawian - it mattered not, he didn't plan on spite.

And so I hit the reset.

Told him "woah, excuse me, I'm sorry... *Please* move your truck" to which he replied with an "OK" that echoes until now inside my head.

He then wasted no time in proceeding out of my way - in meeting what was previously an angry demand but put into a respectful form.

Lesson learned.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

No Respect Up-front So Come Correct - Lyrics

                                               o order or respect up-front...


First earn it w/ur wit start to think.... ya lil punk...

Front not!

Le$t we'll see your knot explode like a melon met w/BuckShot [Sound Effect - shotgun cocks]

Delivered from different angles... Strrraight your way by a group of covert gentleman FelOnMen

Whose chronicles I will here be tellin aNd one day mad people'll be sellin them & they'll rock belligerent Smiles and they'll b jellin....


Alll the while, I'll stay true 2 my mission - wif ZER0 contradiktshin:

That is; holding in high regard certain animals and some humans who are both now in submission...

Let us hope that I will not get Suicided all bc of this fact-finding, family chiding LOUD bass blastin/bloggin Expedition...

w/Tha Kroahm fiNish wHicH'll crack to pieces the sound barrier - Posterity will know it much Dyminished...

bE wEizz like soCRates - dOnt eVa Test thA SkillZ of Theze....sssHHiiiIIitt Bitch pls...


[Ha! Just having Sum Fun W/Werds while Really shud be workin w/the Herdz] NLP!


Get "Straightened Out"

Big Up

for all the idiots who doubt it

The DOD's 1033 Program

"The history of the police force... is that it started in capitalist England, by twice Tory prime minister Robert Peel who suggested that the rich needed a uniformed security force
So it was founded with a specific function, to protect private property.. and today, it continues that function all over the world.. the thin blue line of uniformed LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS (militaristic, google 1033 program) can be found protecting 'private oil' from the Antartica to the Amazon, and can be found facing down the poor with their backs to the rich (just like in the pic) from Washington to Westminster
The police force is a bourgeoisie security force" ~ Anon

Stephen Marley - Rock Stone ft. Capleton, Sizzla

I can feel this kids pain

fucking coward pussy

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fred Rogers - Respect

I once read that Mr Rogers (from the T.V. show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on channel 13), back when some programs were - I dare to say - educational, that his mother once told him "look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping".

I mention this because it's so true...helpers are everywhere.

In these times more than ever, we need the helpers to step up.

Helpers, like those fine souls who remain outside of the Brooklyn Court House w/Free bottles of water & stogies/cigarettes for "defendants" who've undergone the degenerateness of our "justice system".

Punishment, with bone breaking steel, on your wrists, on your ankles, and utilizing bars placed in front of you - to keep you from escaping the clutches of their convoluted but exacting system of justness.

This, before any consideration for any word beyond that of an armed & lower IQ (required to join the force) individual/judge/interpreter of facts who lays on you this steal.

These people they call police officers have been given WAAAYYYYYY more power (think murders of innocent black people recently) than what we are actually let on to think...

50 Cent - When It Rains It Pours

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Words Only Age & Wisdom Can Tell

"When you’re about 25 or so…. you are pretty much who you are and will always be on the inside. With time, you may fluctuate in some beliefs or improve or not improve yourself in small bits. If you’re wise, you learn as much as you can. But you are pretty much you. You experience life - maybe marriage, kids, travel, loss, joy. You start understanding the perspectives of your parents, your children. At about 35, you start to feel and look a little different, older. By 40, you start to really feel physical changes but depending upon how you took care of yourself, they might be bad or not. At 50, you look decidedly different in face and body although some age better than others. At 60, nobody is all that pleased with their physical state. That is why it is IMPERATIVE that you work on your inside. That you develop self love that is deeper than surface appearances. That you do your best to live without regrets. She quoted, “The regret for things we’ve done can be tempered with time but regrets for those things we did not do.. those are inconsolable.” 


I share this above because it resonates with me. This, because I've been trying to figure out, when I look at cemetery graves, at what age are we meant to remember the person buried there? At what age / stage are we the most "us"? Can we have been the most "us" before our mothers birthed us?    Perhaps before ever having earth mothers in the picture at all...                  

I guess, since I found my answer, I wanted to share my finding in what sounds (reads) like it was a true soul-to-soul / heart-to-heart conversation.