Monday, October 23, 2017

Knowledge Dropped Under The Guise Of Time Wasted

Something interesting happened today...

Was in South Beach Miami, down next to Ocean Drive. Was in an alleyway with my rent-a-car and was blocked at the end of it by some small truck. Apparently, they give not any fucks for passersby who also happened to be alive and have things to do / places to be after they score some weed in this overly coked up town.

Shhit was I pissed. So I started honking... Was honking like one of those most annoying type of honking people... A person came out from an adjacent building and went to the driver of said truck (who I now found was inside the drivers seat of the truck I was honking behind) who was not reacting to my volley of angry and drawn out honks.

He then walked out of his truck and toward me.

He asked me one thing or another to which I replied "get the fuck outta my way" what the fuck are you doing" & began to exit my vehicle, throwing my seat belt aside frivolously and with rampant expellage of loud words.

He began to speak to me in Spanish...I was visibly pissed...

I simply wanted him to move. But regardless of my expelling of angry words - Spanish, English, Malawian - it mattered not, he didn't plan on spite.

And so I hit the reset.

Told him "woah, excuse me, I'm sorry... *Please* move your truck" to which he replied with an "OK" that echoes until now inside my head.

He then wasted no time in proceeding out of my way - in meeting what was previously an angry demand but put into a respectful form.

Lesson learned.

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