Saturday, October 28, 2017

~ Paul Escudero [u have my vote]

So today I was at my job and there was a group of old white guys standing around a red pickup truck that said Deer Watch Inn B&B Durham, NY. I have been vocal and public about the need to #ENDNRACORRUPTION of the police, bar associations, and public unions and they must have recognized me. Previously I appeared in numerous segments on Woodstock Community Access television about our country's serious #gunviolence problem and its relationship to police work and #NRAcorruption. The men made sure that I heard them say that I am "A prisoner of the CIA" and then some tripe about their guns and the name of Woodstock Town Council candidate Lorin Rose was said. I felt harassed, and threatened by them even though we were in public and unfortunately this isn't the first time this has happened. If NY decides to have a constitutional convention I intend to run for delegate. The behavior of these people is unacceptable. I am posting this so that Woodstockers understand exactly what is going on beneath the surface. I will point out that two years ago I was playing softball one Sunday morning at Andy Lee field and I saw the former close friend of Mr. Rose, Jeremy Wilbur speaking to the contractor who had finished the renovation of the community center. I had not met the man so I went up and introduced myself to him. We exchanged pleasantries and as I turned to leave to walk back to the softball field he turned to the contractor and said, "He knows that we have the houses bugged". I AM WILLING AND PREPARED TO TAKE A POLYGRAPH ABOUT THIS EVENT. There are various possibilities here. One is that he was making a joke but such a joke would be grossly inappropriate for a town supervisor to make to a citizen. Some will claim he was not in his right mind but at the time he was still serving as town supervisor so if he was then there is no reason why he should have been in office. The third and frankly I am disgusted to have to say this is that Mr. Wilbur was in the know and a party to an unlawful surveillance operation taking place here in the town. It is a secret to no one that those with ties to the hippies, the anti war movements, gay rights, civil rights, or cannabis legalization have been unlawfully monitored here and subjected to various dirty tricks. I do not believe these are federally or state sanctioned operations but rather the actions of a network of conservative conspirators acting like parasites from within town, county, and state jobs. Certainly I do not believe for one second the trash throwing Lorin Roses name around and claiming "I am a prisoner of the CIA" have anything to do with the intelligence community. Knowing all of this I am unsure why we are building a monument to Mr. Wilbur. As additional proof of how this kind of thing can operate I will mention that I was doing a #gunviolence segment on Woodstock 104 until there was a strange incident at my daughters school where she lived with her mother in another state. The police were staging a live training exercise for active shooters and were herding the kids on to the football field with their hands up. The police in that town (which I am prepared to provide newspaper articles in documentation of) claimed that they received a social media threat while the "training exercise" was taking place. My daughter whom I am estranged from (not by accident either) left school grounds and went home because she did not feel safe. Police claim they were unable to determine the source of the social media "threat" but my daughter was called before the principal by the police and they tried to pin it on her. I am quite certain that she had nothing to do with it. As soon as I heard about this I ceased doing my radio broadcasts. We are faced with a choice here. What kind of America what kind of Woodstock do we want to live in. Do you want to live in a Woodstock where an inner circle of conspirators are watching you in your home? Compiling dossiers and releasing information about your private life at Hannaford or at PTA so they can manipulate the social fabric using unlawful surveillance and COINTELPRO? We can choose liberty. We can choose safety. We do not have to live in the cold war state certain folks are recreating against the will of a world and people that have outgrown it. Choose your candidates for town council wisely. If the people will it and there is a Constitutional Convention remember me Paul Escudero as candidate for delegate. We don't have to live in a state of perpetual war, without liberty or safety with invisible creeps monitoring us in our homes and cars and using that ill gotten and poisonous fruit to manipulate our behavior. Government is supposed to do the will of the people but certain folks have decided it is easier to manipulate the people into doing the will of the government. We have a choice and I hope it is LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

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