Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fred Rogers - Respect

I once read that Mr Rogers (from the T.V. show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on channel 13), back when some programs were - I dare to say - educational, that his mother once told him "look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping".

I mention this because it's so true...helpers are everywhere.

In these times more than ever, we need the helpers to step up.

Helpers, like those fine souls who remain outside of the Brooklyn Court House w/Free bottles of water & stogies/cigarettes for "defendants" who've undergone the degenerateness of our "justice system".

Punishment, with bone breaking steel, on your wrists, on your ankles, and utilizing bars placed in front of you - to keep you from escaping the clutches of their convoluted but exacting system of justness.

This, before any consideration for any word beyond that of an armed & lower IQ (required to join the force) individual/judge/interpreter of facts who lays on you this steal.

These people they call police officers have been given WAAAYYYYYY more power (think murders of innocent black people recently) than what we are actually let on to think...

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