Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Words Only Age & Wisdom Can Tell

"When you’re about 25 or so…. you are pretty much who you are and will always be on the inside. With time, you may fluctuate in some beliefs or improve or not improve yourself in small bits. If you’re wise, you learn as much as you can. But you are pretty much you. You experience life - maybe marriage, kids, travel, loss, joy. You start understanding the perspectives of your parents, your children. At about 35, you start to feel and look a little different, older. By 40, you start to really feel physical changes but depending upon how you took care of yourself, they might be bad or not. At 50, you look decidedly different in face and body although some age better than others. At 60, nobody is all that pleased with their physical state. That is why it is IMPERATIVE that you work on your inside. That you develop self love that is deeper than surface appearances. That you do your best to live without regrets. She quoted, “The regret for things we’ve done can be tempered with time but regrets for those things we did not do.. those are inconsolable.” 


I share this above because it resonates with me. This, because I've been trying to figure out, when I look at cemetery graves, at what age are we meant to remember the person buried there? At what age / stage are we the most "us"? Can we have been the most "us" before our mothers birthed us?    Perhaps before ever having earth mothers in the picture at all...                  

I guess, since I found my answer, I wanted to share my finding in what sounds (reads) like it was a true soul-to-soul / heart-to-heart conversation.

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