Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Camp 92-08 W/Robby Luv

It all started Sat mng. Riss came and slept over but at 7 I was already awoken by Amnon telling me to get my ass ready for Mountain Creek A water park not so far from the city. So off we went. We got there and had a true blast. I nearly got booted from the place for doing an acrobatic sumersault from the tarzan swing after being told specifically not to. Just got boring seeing each shmuck belly flop each time So i felt twas time for some action.

Ehhum... Yea sooo the lines were too long and so my man Robby and I decided to leave. Off we went back home and during the ride back Robby asked me to come w/him to some camp alumni reunion. Twas interesting as was someone I met. I had a good time ingling with these campers and telling them "yea you dont remember me, i lost alot of weight" lolllll. I had too good a time at that hick bar and and was once again thrust out of yet another one. If I had a penny 4every time... THE GAME (C) I have played on Sat and in one day I might have accomlished what normally takes yrs. I just got back now from the duck place on Mott St in BootlegBurg NYC w/Dan. Every visit is just like the 1st time. Especially when you take that 1st bite...
Here is an imagr from Dans cellcam. Me n tha mastah Chef my dizzzzzle! Ohh, a funny lil happening id like to jot so as to remember. I provided a couple of officers waiting for an elevator quite a surprise at the hotel I was staying at. Lets just say, when so heated you dont care who it is waiting when the doors open but the fact is coppers werent expected/expecting.

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