Sunday, July 13, 2008

Woodstock NY July 08

So it was north bound after a long and productful week at work. Headed upstate w/Riss after fri night dinner 4 the weekend. The drive there was dark and took longer than usual. A cute little cabin we styaed in that was rich with books and privacy. The privacy we took advantage of. Shooting off my shotgun at any and every random opportunity. Met up with old friends... Met the lead singer of an old band the fugs. Was pretty Zen. Anyway, my posts will remain short and sweet these days as they exist simply to jog my memory as a friend might about a certain instance or occasion. One thing that was amazing and majestic was whilst Riss and I were standing in a clearing within the 20 acres we had rented. All around were trees and woods. I aimed my shotgun straight up and shot. We listened in the pitch black night as the pellets rained down onto the trees around us. We did this around 9 times and waited patiently each for the pellets to fall. It was kewl...

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