Sunday, July 06, 2008

The 4ths Long weekend

Started out in my new office on Thurs in LI. Realized that Decision Makers werent around so I decided to let my staff off early. Came home and smoked a dube w/ Elliot from Shopdigital. Biked round a bit and enjoyed my brother in laws surprise pool party. Twas fun. The 4th... Woke up late, bout 1pm. Called Hillel to find that the jam is at his brothers in the Basin, Riss N I shot over and stayed for over 6 hours without considering leaving once. Thats significant I think taking into account that I cant stay in one place for more than an hour w/out having to leave. We blasted some stuff off and it was in a way, reminiscent of pre giuliani. Onward... Saturday Riss and I spent wasting away by my house, not doing much at all. Today on the other hand we biked vigourously. First thru a private golf course where some dude that was teeing off 100 yards away blasted me witha golf ball. We continued on to Floyd BEnnet fields new Aviator. There we ate and when leaving ran into an athiest. We later met a homeless camper that seemed to be enlightened in some way. Was an interesting one indeed. Tough week ahead. Gotta align my chess pieces and I gotta do it quick.

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