Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tel-Aviv Israel Graffiti GillyRoze

So I've been saying for a while I wanted to do a set about the quirky and unique way Tel-Avivian  graffiti artists twist their wrists. Brought Rip and did a set that includes Tel-Aviv stencil graffiti, the regular sort, and images of standard architecture. It shows some of the homes and dwellings you'd see on any given block in Tel aviv. There's plenty of clean and luxurious neighboring towns immediately outside of Tel Aviv. Inside, it's slummy and dirty like Mumbai yet people flock there like blind sheep who smell green pastures. An extreme example of cidiotism.. So, these days I can do what I please without having to worry about what any other human might want to do. Like use my camera to shoot the video below of Tel- Avivs public drug use, addicts using needles to shoot.
I forgot what a pleasure it is to not have to ask for anyones permission when deciding to go on such expeditions but should note relationships are also fun. And so, I will continue to provide your eyeballs with images taken by myself, a person whos head is no bigger then any other but lives a fuller yet covert, infinitely studious life, one you may want to start thinking about emulating. Go thru the archives to get started. Also, the best way to view this here photo set is to click on this Picasa link -view it as a slideshow and play the Mos Def (youtube) song I included below to properly bump while looking @ pics. Besides, everything IS mathematics.. 104 images.

Over N Out - Gilly Roze TLV Graffiti 2012

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