Monday, April 09, 2007

Kingstons SuperCenter Walmart

Last friday, I decided to go to the Walmart one exit off the New York thruway from where I currently live. Its in a popular town named Kingston. I noticed the sign as I was parking my car that said SUPERCENTER and also took notice to how enormous this place was. It must cover 20 acres. I knew I had many things to buy and so I went to grab a cart upon entering. I saw those little scooters for the disabled and thought hmm I have quite a bit of walking around to do as I had many things to purchase. I faked a limp and walked over to the guy in front and told him "I will be needing one of those scooters as I twisted my ankle yesterday" The reason I did this is simple, who the f wants to walk around a 20 acre place. So as I was familiarizing myself with this neat little thing I realized it's pretty damn cool and maneuverable. It beeps when you go in reverse and has a motorcyle type accelerator. It moves at just the right pace to scan the stuff you are passing and stops on a dime when you release the handle. I mention this here because I learned a valuable lesson while toying around with this thing. People looked at me as if they pitied me. They moved out of my way hurriedly to let me pass which I found to be a true pleasure and convenience but the looks were degrading. What the fuck is wrong with them? Isnt it enough that someone cant walk? You have to give them looks of pity to degrade them even further? I always made it a thing to try to treat disabled people I encounter in the same way I do anyone else and I think everyone else should to. Yes give them the space they need to pass and make way for them but dont look down on them as if you feel bad, I dont think it helps.

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