Sunday, April 08, 2007

Kaaterskill Falls

Today I ventured off onto a trail near my home. I thought I would take some nice pics to share with you here as I promised I will. Extreme green is in full effect! The trail leads you up to the top of a mountain along side a creek with beautiful waterfalls. If you stay on the trail (which everyone does) you cant really get the best view of the falls and so I strayed off of it in-order to get the most vivid shots of the waterfalls and its splendid beauty. I realized this probably isnt the best path to take as the side of the creek is still a little icey. Fuck it I said. I live dangerously and dont really care if it leads to my demise as this brings me much pleasure and not too many things do. I nearly lost my life today. As I was climbing atop a large rock in the middle of the creek I lost my footing. Its absolutely amazing how quickly your brain reacts and lifesaving mode kicks in when your life is threatened. The second my left foot lost its footing I realized my right cannot support me and so it did too. Before my body hit the large rock I already thought about how deep the water
below was and it was just about as deep as my height. My body hit the large rock and I slid down it. Adrenaline immediately kicked in and so I didnt even feel the freezing cold water that completely engulfed me. The water was dragging me and there was a steep fall just about 30 feet away. I realized the sooner I get out of this mess the better so I grabbed a branch that was conveniently sticking out next to me and pulled myself out. As I learned from the Discovery channel I immediately took off the sweater I was wearing which was soaked with freezing water and tried to dry myself off the best I could with it. I like to be modest these days and so I was going to wear my Carhart jacket but it smells of cow shit from the farm I work on. So i wore my $600 Spider jacket that I picked up a year or so ago. Thank God I did. My camera was in a waterproof pocket when this happened as was my new blackberry cellphone. This saved it from being ruined by the water. These little adventures bring me much joy and so I am far from discouraged. Rather Im glad I experienced what I have today. As my older brother once told me, eveything is relative, if it werent for that freezing cold water I would'nt much appreciate this crackling fire I sit beside. Life and its repetetive grind is damn boring and these new adventures are a crisp and refreshing delight for me. My right knee aches a little bit thats it. I will not change my lifestyle for all the riches in the world. Today the Kaateskill falls has gotten the best of me but I shall return next week to conquer it! Enjoy the pics below.