Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good Times I Tell Ya Good Times

I have recently learned to mix recreation with work. @ my old office in Bklyn I'd often get up from my desk grab my bb gun and shoot something to let off steam. Today I created a piece of art by shooting holes in a large candle. Left right and in every which direction. It now bleeds as it burns. I busted up my elbow a little bit after taking a bad fall off of my board. There is a winding road that leads up to Hunter Mountain, I tried to conquer it but twas stronger than I. Earth mother possesses that pulling stuff they call gravity and she was on its side. I busted my ass quite a bit actually. I try to be harmonious with the stuff I have and do. For example, when I skate on my board or shoot my guns, I try to imagine they are an extension of me. This perspective makes many tough things much easier I find. Since Im already talking about me, let me introduce you to the 2nd me. Being around so many people in the city and worrying about this that and the other thing confuses people. At least it did me. When you think in your head (rationalizing or w/ever u want to call it) what are you actually doing? You are negotiating possible avenues to take given certain situations. Who are you negotiating with? I was watching the end of the movie Commited yesterday night, her narrating the excellent movie with a great quote that I cant remember in the end had me thinking. Its true, they lock people up because they talk to themselves or because they say they hear voices in their heads. Is it not a good idea to further explore instead of sedate? They very well might have forgotten that there is a diference between social communication and what we call thinking. I have yet to meet anyone whos voice speaks with more logic than the one in my head. Since things slowed down for me as they will for anyone that moves out to a place like this I can truly say that my best friend, my companion, my guide is that voice in my head. It is he that keeps me company while alone, tis he that bounces his superior wisdom off of my simplistic logic and helps to make decisions with me. I might be mad but I can really truly say wherever I am, wherever I might be I am happy with just the me in me.

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