Monday, April 23, 2007

A Most Blissful Weekend

Good times is the best way to describe this past weekend. Home for friday night dinner with the family then spent the weekend in NYC. Friday I spent brushing up on my boarding skills with my Royal Board that says Brooklyn Zoo on it along with my favorite band stickers. I tied the board to my bike and then drove to Central Park with it. I found the highest point in the park and locked up my bike. From there I was able to board downhill for 20 minutes straight. Twas a good time. The runners and the bikers were frolicking to get away as I was going down and they were going uphill. This was a good prequsisite for my Broadway shopping on spring st. I figured fuck it when I saw a slowly passing tour bus and found myself Pirate boarding down from Spring to Canal on Broadway. Yea its dangerous but the cabs and the buses provide a good kick start. Being a tourist in the city is very diferent then living there. You actually take in the things around you. The incredible amounts of money spent on the big buildings. The empire. Saturdays shopping was fun and all but saturday night at Zohars Birthday bash @ Cabana was a bash indeed. So many familiar faces and friends. Some that I havent seen in years. Some from 2nd grade. Just being in a club and knowing I dont live in this city provided a much more pleasant experience. A slower one. I normally cant stand clubs. Maybe its cuz we got VIP treatment and the largest center table but I dont think so. One funny thing happened. I was smoking a stogie chillin by my table when one of the guards came up and said "Put That Out". He then looked @ Yossi Attias, the guy sitting next to me and said oh ok smoke. Perplexed I asked one of the 10 attias brothers what was that about? He said "I tipped every bouncer in here $50". This allowed for much fun and full advantage was taken. Zohar is a good guy. He is one that truly will be there when needed. I know him for 13 years and can gurantee that. you can take it to the bank. He is a great "public relations" type of person with all of our friends. He stays in touch with everybody and so the party was truly a gathering. A couple of chicks were running after me with a camersa flicking away and one said she knew me through an exgirlfriend. @ the end of the night she had me hold up 2 of her little cards that say I guess ill be up on there site. Sunday i decided to head out back home. I got my stuff ready and left my parents house. Aloney lives just a couple of blocks away and so I stopped by him before the 2 hr drive. He has a cute apartment/house next to my parents. I was going to stay for 10 minutes but easily convinced to stay the day and have a bbq. THe bunch that gathers @ aloneys are kewl. His girlfriend brings her friends over and its an all around good time when we hang. We made the most of his bklyn backyard and even squeezed in some soccer. Yestereday night as I arrived home I heard some rustling coming from the bushes when I walked out of my car. I entered the house quickly. I got my flashlight. Apparantly while I was biking, boarding, partying and bbqing this big black bear was having a ball of his own on ma land. There is a 5 by 2 foot plastic container that I store and lock garbage in before I package it into a big hefty bag and take it to the dump. I even put a 30 pound sand bag on top of it to prevent this from happening. This fucker was feasting while I was away and made a real mess. As I flickered the light on him he quickly made haste. This morning while talking to a business associate on the phone, Sam Zacharin of CPS, I was walking around outside my house talking on the phone taking in the beautiful sites, the fresh air and the suns warmth. I walked over to where mess was that the bear made and learned a valuable life lesson. Always, Always look at your immeditate surroundings. I, like the wide eyed NYC tourists, had my eyes focused on the whole of things. The mountains the trees and all that. My lesson was: Watch your step wherever you roam because snakes slither.

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