Thursday, April 12, 2007


The slippery drive up my driveway just now was pretty. The air is cooler up here in the mountain tops and so it snowed instead of rained like in NYC. My highbeams illuminated the pristine snow covering the land. Its only cute little animal tracks that you can see have disturbed the snow. The bright fire crackles as I write this here post. I just returned from a visit back home to see to it that my dog truly was brought back to us by his captors. Also to see if theres anyway I can help my dad out with his annual publication And of coarse to visit my friends. To this post, Joey Stizzles will sat I told you so. He says I do one thing and then the next day another. This is absolutely true of me. I had many a-times bought tickets to such places as Israel or mexico shooting off in the coming days. I remember working at Metlife. There, someone told me something and ever since I heard it its has been bouncing around in my head. YOU CAN WORK HARD OR YOU CAN WORK SMART. Actually, I now think I can work hard and smart. I know the way that I handle things now is smarter than some but I'm not ecstatic about it when I wake up. Turning 26 made me look back my bland life in retrospect. It took a good friend to help me realize I can make my dream become a reality. Recently, I've been thinking about what exactly I would love to wake up to do. I KNOW I'd love to work for National Geographic and go to diferent corners of the world and take shots of exquisite things. But why the hell would they hire me? I've also been thinking, if I am to write a book what worldy knowledge would I have to share? I'm just some kid that visited some places to sit by the beach. I have, together with my frend Aloney, been pondering on such things as the cost of living here in NY. What the time diferences in diferent countries are, what the cost of living there would be taking the fact that your making dollars from wherever you work into consideration. It turns out, I would be able to go to sleep later and wake up later in europe in order to keep up with my American clients. My monthly rent and expenses on this hemisphere are far more than what they would be while im out exploring the world. It took spending a day at my dads studio and work flowing just fine. Doing the same at my moms today then thinking hmm I just took my biz upstate and so it doesnt matter much where I am. Everything is online. I make about enough money to cover the things I need and thats it. The things Ill need in other countries will cost me less. I will chronicle everything I will see travelling the world. I have always wanted to do this but every other time I considered it I was tied down with a girlfriend. I will provide here a clear and unbiased, An unracist channel in which you will be fed insight on diferent parts of the world and its spledor. Together we will learn about the amazing diferent things this world has to offer. I am pondering wether to stay on this beautiful mountain another month or to move on. My first stop will be in Europe. There, I guess I'll take the eurorail to document as many countries as I can. Prague, I have been itching to see. I will soon write a post about my observations of the Catskills and its kind people. Contrast is something I like and I think I might dabble with it someday and use it to maybe penetrate the artworld in my unique way. I can write here about New York City because I have stepped away from it a bit lately and am able to convey a clear observation. I will be able to do the same about mountain living when i step away from it as well. Because of the mix of beliefs, of religions, morals, races and because there are alot of crazies, people are a bit apprehensive toward one another. You can try to talk to a girl here and she will walk right past you as if you dont exist. Many people act this way in the city mostly. Not too many people look you in the eye. Also the immigrants that you see work here, their eyes dont have the depth there families back home do. Its like people are zombies and are slaves to the grind. I liken the way people live in NYC and its 5 boroughs to soda cans lined next to eachother like in my corner grocery store. Everybody lives scrunched up next to eachother and privacy is something thay must know nothing of. I like to make as much noise as I want in my house. Ill keep the images at 10 mega pixels (even tho it takes much longer to upload) so you can see what I see. Sooo, your not allowed to take pictures in the Pierpont Museum. Below you will find pictures from the PierPont Museum Theres only 3 and they were quickly caught. The rest are from a large book with hundreds of paintings from the renascaince. I have selected those that have tickled my fancy. I have noticed that this page is viewed by a vast and internationally diverse audience. I welcome you to save it and join me on my explorations of the world, its art and the vast contrast between continent to continent .

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