Saturday, April 14, 2007

Next Stop!!!

To those of you that are bored enough to keep up with this blog, here's whats in store. I'm thinking if im to explore i have to be as practical as possible. I will have to use everything I have to the fullest. Whether its tangible or not. I am now in the state of NY. Yesterday night I decided to flicker on the plasma. I saw some british guy on the discovery channel. Some young guy that was in the british special forces. This guy apparantly does not know hot to land after jumping out of a plane. A bad jump broke his back and the one for this show nearly did the same. Anyway, the reason I mention this is, If this brit can survive in my backyard, in the Rockies, well than so will I. I will enjoy as much I can the nice house I live in currently on a cozy mountain named Hunter and I shall head north. To one of the most beautiful locations on the planet earth. Big grizzzlies,slippery fish and rattling snakes. Next Stop, THE ADIRONDACKS! Closest thing to the rockys and not so far from where I live. So, im sitting here next to my quick hitch tent, and my mummifying -30 degree capable sleeping bag, Im reading a book about outdoor survival. It took me only 20 min to set diggs and employ my new heating company. I will have to sometimes rough it up there. The trails take days to complete. I sometimes think about why I dont care to go it alone, scared to get eaten by a bear or an african tribe. I think the reason for this is, I know most people are ill informed. A progaganda class @ Tel-Aviv University taught me to never allow in emotional or single dimensional reports for we never know the source of these messages. I never measure current or future manifestations by what I hear from people. I must learn the hard way. I have always thought when a kid and scared to go on a ride, "screw that, if all these people passing can do why cant I"? I will feel naked around bears withouht my guns and so I shall bring them. I will not travel the usual tourist paths. I will be taking back roads and stick myself in the thick of things and so I guess I'll attain a firearm wherever I go. God forbid I have to use it.

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