Monday, August 06, 2007

Lamb On Chapel

After getting toasted with my flatmate Yair and cruising round Chapel street we decided to hit up this popular souvlaki joint which is situated in the middle of all the action. I got a souvlaki there b4 meeting my cusin on saturday for our weekely bike ride as well. This time it was a small old white haired man that was working. Didnt seem to be on point. "This is the best lamb souvlaki I've ever had" I proclaimed aloud. The way its grilled is unlike they do it in NYC with the electric heat on the side. Instead they use lil pieces of wood coals and leave it simmering horizontally. Quite a view it is actually. Whilst scarfing down my lamb and chatting with Yair I sprung up and asked this man if it was his place. yes. "I'd like to work here" I said. He said he'll take my #. As I was giving it to him he sized me up and said ok come in tonight @ 6 with his greek accent. Today I entered an apprenticeship in the art of mastering the gyro and the rotisss. I was never in the hospitality business. It was new to me serving people but it aint half bad. Hauw Ya daoin? Doing good, Data entry & Souvlaki.

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