Sunday, August 05, 2007


A German girl has just gifted me with her car. No its not registered, no it doesnt have insurance and no I dont ker. We first met while I was back in Sydney. Bottom feeding as I am she was getting free accomodation by sworking in the hostel we were then at (smart). While in a panic I met her. I lost my backpack and thought I left it in the room so I went back after checking out. It wasnt there but she was. I scanned the room and didnt see it when she asked me where Im from. Her eyes were captivating. I forgot bout my bag for a few minutes. I asked her if shed like to have a cup o coffee later and she did. Whilst in sydney I waited for this chic and she never showed. I was stood up. My name is pretty simple to remember and so apparantly she remembered This all happened a month and a half ago. Around a month later she sent me an email telling me she loved my page and how honest I am on a public space. Also to apologise. Since she sorta pissed me off I was very brief in my email replies to her this past 2 weeks and didnt expect to ever see her again. I replied to her email request this mng for my #. After posting the pics below I was to meet her here in Melbourne for coffee. Shes got this no nonsense type of stare. I remember why she made me forget bout my bag (which was found) that day. I decided to treat myself since in the company of a real treat named Ann. Also cos after walking thru the streets & alleys of the CBD to find everything closed, we had'nt much of a choice but this classy pasta place with a mellow jazz band playing outside next to our table. We payed our own way. It was nice. Dont remember how it came up exactly but she doesnt need her car and so she gave it to me. Its an old toyota sumthin or other. I remember a couple of weeks ago walking around dreaming I had a car to drive around in and explore this awesome country with. Lo n Behold I have one. This mng I boarded into the city. This evening I drove out.

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