Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Building a Building

I can certainly tell ya building aint easy. I got a raise from 100 to $150 a day but with the extra cash comes extra work and sacrifice. Today I worked like a border jumping mexican removing earth with a shovel. I was shirtless in a trench sweating during the winter, digging. I recruited my flatmate and friend Yair to come and helpout with the physical labor. We have only started pouring concrete for the foundation of a building. Much work has to be done. I'd like my family to know that I very much miss them. Today I spoke to my little sister on the phone whilst working. This only afforded 3 minutes of talk time before having to hang up. Not talking to her for a few months would be better remedied with a bit of a convo but like a soldier I must werk. I truly cant wait to see u guys.

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