Friday, August 17, 2007

Australian Grind

After being the finest procrastinator that ever lived its kinda tough to start taking up responsibilities and waking up for work. Its like deja vu. I set my alarm and it rings but I want to sleep longer simply because I know I cant. I've been learning a thing or two about hard fucking work. The other day after coming home with dry and blistered hands I had no choice but to put bowls of water on either side of me bed and rest my hands in there soaking. Soil must be the driest thing on earth and it drys up your hands to the point that a sudden twist of the shovel cracks your skin and it very much hurts. I can truly say my sweat and blood has gone into building that building. It is a good feeling tho coming home and showering. You feel real clean. Like wen I werked @ a cow farm upstate. Now I just showered and threw on my blazer with a t underneath like I do back home cos its Fri night and Johnny's family and I are off to his friends for dinner. Oh BTW I have attained a motorcycle. My kind boss has philanthropically donated it to me. I now have cash in my pocket, a bike, a car and a motorcycle. WTF esle can a man ask for?

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