Thursday, October 11, 2007

NYC VS Beethovens Moonlight Sonata

Imagine the noise, the rush, the insanity that is NY. Picture the subway cars screeching in and out, the rats making way and the smelly degenerates leaning on you wen u ride them. Think about how some literally pull their hair out of their heads like madmen in insane asylums because of all this stress. People honking and cursing to no end. Everyone bumping, shoving and scurrying to the next place. Then play the song above and understand why it is I moved upstate wen I did. After growing up in a city with high rise buildings, nutcases and so many cultures and styles spit at you at once it was the most refreshing thing to do. How does a creative soul create when he is drowning in material. Only able to take short gasps and trying with that to stay sane. Yeah the city and its craziness is cool and I miss it wen im not around but I'll repeat what Ive always thought. This city is a place to come and visit not one in which to live. Its just not healthy here. Because of the pressures put onto them people are angry and most are in a hurry. Alot of them cant find work and they are bitter. Alot of people work and are still bitter because they dont have the things that gleam and think that if they walk or drive really fast they will. I dont know why I expect everything to be clean, calm and perfect but it started before this last trip. Hmm I hope im not becoming negative... I just wish i can brainwash and move everyone I love upstate with me. So melancholly and calm. Like living in Beethovens moonlight sonata everyday.

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