Monday, August 20, 2007

Ok Let Me Have It

So, on a mission for shmeeze after landing in New Zealand I found it to be a great tactic to waltse into any local park and look for the dodgiest people around. I dont know who taught me this trick if anyone did but it works on every try. I guess it came natural after many atimes walking thru Washington Square Park in the village in NYC as a youth and being offered a whole assortment of smoke by Jamaican thugs. Once late at night I got some while in Auckland by threatening to beat up some homeless guys that I knew had. They were hanging on the stoop of a missionary church and I was drunk. They gave it up... Here, everyone around me sounds like crocodile dundee. They say strange things like HOW YA GOIN? rather then hows it going or how ya doin. They say GOOD ON YA rather than good shit. I try to blend and say ye good on ya maight. Here im connected so I dont need the dodgy folk in the parks. I like to drive, board and bike around in a cloud of shmeeze. The 1st shmeeze I got was in a park in Auckland NZ and all of a sudden I felt @ home. Appreciation set in. The trees were prettier and the wind was louder. Twas good. Since I started travelling I havent remained in one city as long as I've been here in Melbourne. I like it and all but am sure if it wasnt for my cousin Ida been long gone. Ann, the chic that gave me her car is taking off soon. Sooner than she was supposed to cuz she isnt having the best time here. I have this subconscious advantage of feeling like I belong cos of my family here. I regret the fact that I did not come with an adequate amount of cash in-order to live a bit diferenlty but fuk it Im here. Let this then serve as my intro to Australia. I got a cool tattoo from a tribesman whilst in NZ. It fucking hurt! I had it done by an old Maori medicine man in the oldest Maori village in NZ. Its in Rotorua. I spent much time there. A ritual blessing was performed on me after talking to the medicine man for a while. OOOH this post was just interupted by a phone call from my motorcycle mechanic. My Suzuki Gn250 will have a new battery and carburator & will be road worthy tomo afternoon. Its supposed to be a beautiful week. Boooooyaaa!!!! Ok bak to the tatt, after u chat to this guy and he asks you a heap of questions (some strange) he tells u to bugger off. When u come bak the next day he has a composite sketch of wut the tattoo will look like. He comes up with the entire thing himself. He takes many things you told him into consideration when formulating it. Mine is a little below my mid back and is of a young phoenix taking off in flight, just beginining a new voyage. I remember saying I will get some ink in any country that influences me and NZ has. I am now out of glyconutrients and this very much vexes me. Henry the 8th the 8th I am!!! Something strange I've noticed is that the ugliest people in the world patronize Mcdonalds. Is it because you are wut u eat or is it simply the gathering place for grotesque freaks? Let me know if u do... I bet its like this in every country. The Australian native people, the aboriginals, are the ugliest people I have ever seen. They simply look like they havent yet evolved and just yesterday were monkeys. Their mouths protrude like that of the apes. Their woman have mustouches with these protruding mouths. Their simply ugly. Anyhoo, I got no work this week and so I will be as lazy as a cotton picker just after the emancipation proclomation. Gonna get toasted and drive round... Cheauuhhz Maiyt!!

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