Monday, August 20, 2007


It doesnt look very good for the U.S. what with all the huricanes its been cursed with the past few years. Here when the news comes on they talk about lots of shit like politics and how the runner up for the PM seat visited a scores stripclub in NY 4 years ago before they start to speak of important things like the floods in the south and midwest states. From here it just seems the caribean and the US are fukt. It aint looking very IRE for jamaica and Mexico mon. I wonder if its always been like this and I have only began paying attention a few years ago or if the weather is really starting to change for the worse. The remnants of the last hurricane just a few days ago is the center of discussion over the US other than the issues with the stock market and yet another bigger hurricane is on its way. I bet it'll stop wen Bush leaves office.

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