Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ma Wings

These days I bend my wrist and get propelled by a 250cc engine on-which I sit atop. I cant describe the euphoric excitement I wake with everyday knowing my bike is outside. Like a little kid I wish I can bring it in my room and sleep next to it. Its my new toy. My cousin laughs when I see him and says im the most mobile person he knows. Its gotta be true afterall I am the most mobile person I know. I have 12 wheels now and pics of all of them I will upload soon. So, I kick my gear down once and then four times up to get to cruising speed, I dont curl into the bike as many speed demons do rather I like to stretch my arms on the handlebars and lean back to fully take in the sights. Free as a bird I am as my iron horse burps its way down the sidewalks, streets, lanes and avenues here in Melbourne. Its a bit nippy out so I'll be taking my car to get some Merlot. No Worries Meight!

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