Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Birds

It seems we hassle the birds here and its their land not ours. Never before have so many birds zipped by me just an inch from my face. Its scary, I mean if one is a fraction off itll take out ur eye. Today I was on my motorcylce when I noticed one off in the distance. It was playing chicken with me and was at level with my headlamp. It didnt seem to care that I was vrooming towards it and kept on gliding towards me. I got scared for a minute thinking were gonna collide before it turned away. Little bastard. My cousin Johnny was terrorized for a month by a bird that nested next to his house and would swoop down and take nips at his head. Lolllll!

Something I'd like to note is that I truly do miss the serenity that upstate New York living provides. Such a quiet and peaceful time it is living up there. Its been affirmed, the catskills is where I shall live and raise my kids. I've been to many places in the world and the Hudson Valley is where I shall b"h settle. Ahh, such a beautiful place where your kids can play outside till dusk and you dont have to lock your car or home. Acres and acres provide much privacy and if its a huge fire that tickles your fancy a huge fire you can have. No building codes nothing. Basically you can do whatever the fuck you please and no one can/will complain. Like whilst I was in my mummys womb I just feel warm and the most at home up there and its close to my fam and friends which is Ghoood.

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