Saturday, August 25, 2007

Good Times

Today while attending the wedding of a friend I made here in Melbourne, I fucked up. It was in a cool place in an area known as the Dandenong Mountains. High trees and country all around. Its about 30 minutes out of town. It was a good time being at a wedding whilst in a foreign country. Kinda gives u more of a feel that u have settled. The place where the reception was held was a huge and very popular classy restaurant on top of the mountain. A very good looking couple. After travelling much u meet all types but only sometimes do you care to make someone your friend. Ofir is a friend. Not just another soul I've met. Only 2 or 3 of these I have made in the year I've been travelling.

Im now just hanging back at my place with my israeli mates. I just made a huge bonfire outside and had a good time. A friend I made named Yaniv has been living here for a few years and is also marrying an Aussie chick soon. Shes a very cool girl. I spoke to him bout what I think of Israelis that leave their home land to seek money elsewhere. He gave a great explanation. There simply is no chance for Israelis to earn enough to live comfortably as they deserve to do. Understood. I can appreciate that since the truth is that the Israeli Gov't totally does screw their citizens out of every penny they might make. Fuck the Israeli Government. One things for sure I had enuf of this pad I live in. If I had to spend another week in this house I'd go postal. Thank God I Dont.

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