Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ur Daily Dose

Today was the 1st in the 2 1/2 months I've been here that I think I can say I got a taste of Aussie summer weather. A stunning day with the sun shining bright. Upon waking I found it to be beautiful out. Yay, my shorts, flip flops and T is all I will be wearing from here on out. Today was also the 1st in all the time I've been travelling that I felt on vacation. Its a beautiful place, Australia. With my shorts and a T I took my motorbike out for a cruise. With my flip flops on I kicked the gears up and soaked in the sun whilst doing 90kph. An awesome feeling it is to be dressed so skimpily and vroom around on a bike. Everyone in St Kilda Beach like me was wearing summer gear. I soon am moving over to this beautiful house where I will be reading and writing alot. Will have much time alone to reflect. Theres also a jacuzzi there which will def add to my feeling on vacation. Not much to say right now besides that I see good times ahead. Im a bit jaded these days and am just going with the flow. Not really using my sponge too much. A couple of firsts today and so for good measure let me throw in a last. Today is also the last day in-which I smoke cigarettes (at least for a long while). My lil cousins get pissed when they see me smoke and I promised myself and them that I will soon quit and so tonight I shall enjoy my last stogaj. Im getting sick of the word "I" and feel its a good idea to stop writing so much about myself. Probably will take a little break.

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