Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The drunkest I have ever been I think I am right now. Just drove home after having about 14 @ my cousins. Joan (his wife), while on a business trip picked up some awesome wine. A box of it actually. Would sit, get pissed (meaning drunk), chat and learn new things about my family only my cuz would know. A family tree of us he found today that had nearly every last member of my family listed on it. The car I drive and its "hoon" horns can only be described as mohammad ali with his fists up in a dfefensive position. Jonny sais "there extremely offensive looking".lolllllllll. So compliant and rule abiding I think Ozz makes u. South Africans are similar if not tufer than us New Yorkers as they dealt with more "in your face" violence then we have {I suppose}. But Ozzies are just as laid back about things as they are particular about their rules and lil laws. Living here for long enough will turn any badass into a mary poppins in no time. Its just to good atime to care. A very good day I must say I had. A new respect I found for people that deserve it. Yes. I'd had a few and so gonna call it a night.

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