Saturday, September 01, 2007

Belligerent In Oz

Like a little fucking amateur I puked my face out yesterday whilst attending a friends engagement party in Warrigal Australia. An hour out of Melbourne into country land I went to say goodbye to my mates freedom and also to hunt for a chic to share my new pad with. Yaniv very much wants me to stay here in OZ as he is and so hes trying to set me up with one of his Aussie fiances friends. Quite a selection there was but before I cud take aim I realized that I was way too drunk. Had to go outside and wen I did I noticed the building was doing loops like a computer screen when caught on video. This dreadful feeling is familiar to me but I havent experienced it in the 6 months I've been getting pissed and travelling. Every little bit of heure d'ouvrs spewed out like a fire hose exiting my mouth. I was huddled up and cowering next to a car in the corner of the lot when someone screemed in horror "you thru up on my car" I tried to mumble something and noticed the chic saw my face. No further explanation was needed. Then Juliya, a pretty friend of the bride to be came out after hearing about a man dying in the front. She and I played the dare to stare game ater meeting. I was too drunk to care. She helped me to recoop and was sincere. We exchanged #s and she will be coming to visit Melbourne soon. Warrigal is a country town with country Australian folk. I like these people. I am so very blessed to be here home on the day after and not still there puking. Anyway, before I begin to get shit for this post let me say that that episode last night marks the end of my belligerent drinking. I've prob sed that 1000 timees but the truth is yesterday nights occurences are exactly the reason that I dont like alcohol. Would rather smoke. Never puked from that.

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