Thursday, August 30, 2007

Codeine Rags And Riches

My friends and I bak home would sometimes abuse vicodin. Numb you get and just sit there so calm and serene a hard slap in the face wouldnt even break your shiny stare. Its cool and all but conforming to the medicated US phenomenon is not my plan. So a toothache was pestering me after I drove my bike into the CBD. I went to the nearest chemist and asked them for the strongest painkiller they had. Nurofin is Ozzies Tylenol. It works just as well. But this chic gave me Nurofin plus and said "this is the srongest, it has codeine" Viked off of mah face I am right now. On a fluffy cloud as comfy as could be. I now live in a mansion, a beautiful house in a quiet suburb in Melbourne known as Glen Eira. The owner is my cousins friend and shot off to NY to close a quarter billin dollar deal. Yes, its a b. The most dificult job of house sitting has been bestowed upon me and for my hard work I am being paid, to have free accomodation in a luxurious and art filled pad with a pool and jacuzzi for a month. Ohh the sorrow. This is a rags to riches type of story here as I was in the nastiest of all accomodation I've had since travelling just yesterday and was there for a couple of months. Now like Hugh Heffner (just replace his pipe with a spliff) I shall sit in my robe and lounge in the finest accomodation I have set since beggiinng travelling.

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