Wednesday, October 03, 2007


People here seem very typical and most are just financially motivated. Its only natural but here its at an extreme and its ugly. Everyone has chosen a certain skin to wear and they play their roles well. I have yet to choose one and I hope that I never do. Just the other day a friend told me he will get the new range rover because it will make him feel better about himself. Many probably dont take me seriously now because I havent what they think makes a person important. No worries, this allows for excellent observation. My posts will remain short these days cos Im not impressed by much. Anyway, if it seems I'm unhappy let me say that thats not the case. I love my city. Im very mellow and relaxed these days and im in no rush to do anything. This is not typical of me and I like it. Dan and I entertained our bellies with the finest duck in China Town. The Peking Duckhouse On 28 Mott St. The best damn duck I ever had. This is a fine example of the treasures you can find in NYC. I want to say to my cousin and his mates that their cool dudes. You guys are smart bastards living in such fine a city. I highly appreciate the hospitality and the warmth with which you welcomed me. Many thanks.

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