Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why Im Still

While in a pub or club I tend to stand firm. Like last night, saturday, I found myself on Chapel street in some pub. Alone, I make my way thru the crowd to the bar. No, you dont know me from high school nope we didnt go to UNI together actually, Im not from heah. I remember in NZ I got kicked out of a club simply because of how I dont blend. I dont get ridiculously beligerent. I dont flail my hands or anything else wildly. Im pretty still no matter how much poison I swallow. Dont know why it is but I am far more reserved than anyone else in the pubs. Even the security guards. This intimidates them I think. Like the guy in the end of the movie A Bronx Tale that shoots sonny, the background music is playing and everyone seems to be in rythym to it but I am not, I seem to have my own unique agenda. I dont. Also, I dont believe with all the horrible things that go on in this world that its fair or appropiate to act this way in public. I think it makes one look immature uninformed and stupid. Perhaps Im missing out but I dont give a fuk. Laughing hysterically should be kept to a minimum I think, preferably whilst in the confines of yours or a friends home or better yet only while in the company of your wife or GF. Anyone I ever discussed this with, older and wiser, tells me its nonsense and I should have all the fun in the world any chance I get. I must disagree. There is a cute and at the same time an ugly innocent child out there reaching out for help only to find that this cold & self absorbed world has'nt the time or simply doesnt care for him. I've been hearing alot about India from diferent people whilst travelling. I dont think I care to visit it. Apparantly the poverty I've seen in South America does not compare to the horrific things you see there. My flatmate Yair was trying to explain this to me and he shared with me a story. He was walking thru the filthy streets of Delhi and was met with a little girl begging for money. Now, many people physically deform themselves in-order to look needy. This apparantly makes it easier for them to pan handle because they win peoples pity. Yes folks, this is what it has come down to. This little girl Yair met had no face. It was burned off by her mom, a long time beggar who knows that people will pity a little girl with a burned off face. Its hard for us to think a mother can do this to her child but its just the tip of the iceberg. Look at China and Falun Gong. These are the activists we have all seen in the city. I never payed any mind to them. Today some guy while in the city went out of his way to hand me a flyer. It was obvious he wasnt being paid for this. He wasnt Asian. It meant something for him to get that flyer to me. Its about organ harvesting from living falun gong work camp prisoners in China. Just so thats its understood, these Falung Gong Practitioners are simply people that do a sort of kung fu like slow exercise in the mngs. Its not even a religion but the PM sees these people as a threat. I think its important to mention this here as I would have appreciated it if I lived thru the holacaust and someone cared to make it a part of their lives then. In the USA the waiting period for organs such as Kidneys or Livers are set in years. In china its days. Their killing these Falun Gong people by injecting them with something that causes their hearts to fail. They then sell their organs. Its now easier than ever to get a cornea or a kidney liver combo direct from your local asian connect. Jesus fucking christ.

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