Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed

Nursing a toothache means getting viked off ma face and that is exactly where I am right now. Off my face. Dont member how i got here but i am. I think it started with a visit to the chemist. ya ya the chemist. There i got ma fix and my toothache disapeared but along with it went my sanity. tsall good. Dont really need it right now. Im painting a masterpiece named the gilly of the rose. Ya ,it will be superb. The met and the louvre will be begging for the gilly of the rose. The werkings of my mind sometimes scares me. Dont get it really. I fear I'll never get on to well with any one person. Been lone for a while. Whatevers in my head has been mashed like potatoes. My head is hollow. I empty it often in order to think clearly but with wut. Austria Australia what the fucks the diference right bush? This ferry faggot John Howard has been PM here for too long I think. 11 years and no one has shot him yet. Try pulling that shit in the US ya silly old bastard. My friend Yanivs a friend indeed. Always rolls one for each of us. Not looking forward to this fast. Empty belly doesnt fancy me much. I like it wen its filled with panadeine codeine or any other damn deine that fluffs me up like a wicked cloud on a stormy day. Oh, sanity, there you are. Think you can hide under the couch huh? Why do you run from me? Come back!

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