Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good Times

My mate has come from Aussie and we are having a great time prancing around. In a stupor we stumble into the finest eateries this city has to offer. It began at Sea in Williamsburg. There the crispy duck is to die for. After that we shot off to another part of brooklyn where Embers steakhouse waited for us. A kilogram of beef splattered on our table in steak form. A true treat it was. Then we were off to Mcsorleys, the oldest pub in NYC. The beer goes down like water and the drunkedness slowly creeps up on you. A great day it was showing my mate around and looking after him as he has done for me when I was his guest. In a way, Saul is extending my trip and with him I get to do things my friends simply wouldnt. Like sit calmy in a Brookyln cafe and just chat bout the contrast between our lands.

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