Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Daily Current

I mark a new day by putting on a fresh T shirt. I am doing some guerilla internet marketing work for a friend of my cousins who has a steakhouse in the center of the city. I jump into the passenger side of my car, find my steering wheel there and using it I drive into the city, park it illegally, jump on my board and go to werk like the rest of the city sheep in the mng. Its a bit diferent tho. What im doing for the owner of this restaurant is what I do best. I like to go up to the office, take off my jacket and get to work. Nowadays my belly remains filled with steak. I had the meal b4 the fast at Sauls (the steak joint owner) and then came back to this house to reflect. The day of the kippur fast passed quickly but one thing I noticed is that things move alot slower and this allows for excellent reflection. Being that ur taken bak to "just basics" everything manmade and technological you are detached of. Roaming around like a cave man sent to the future. Yairs been making a fuss bout the $200 he owes me for the motorcycle I sold him and I'd very much love to slap him. Ofcoarse I cant slap him being in Aussie. So prim and proper everyone is I'd be treated like I just raped the Prime Ministers daughter. Having slapped a few people whilst growing up in NY I can seriously say this is not a place you want to go around flagrantly slapping anybody. Anyway hes due to pay today after putting it off for a while. Silly Israeli knos better. I must say that I truly do miss NYC. What I miss is the litter and the filthy people. Pissed off and insane degenerates that cant ever fathom saying no worries mate.


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