Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Married On Brighton Beach

I've kinda been scared to get pulled over since it never has been a pleasurable experience. And so when the lights flashed behind me and the woop woop that comes along hit me I began to worry. Was on my way bak from johnies cos he just got bak from overseas and we had a few. Also had a lil bud in my pocket. Hmm I shud hide under the seat im thinking. The officer comes up and asks for my license. here ya go. Do u know this car is unregistered sir? why no it was given to me for a week by a backpacker who is currently in Bali. HOw long are you here in Australia. I thought 1 month owuld sound good and thats wut I sed. They went bak to their car with a backward frontfacing walk as if suspicous of me. Wouldnt be surptised if they thought I was a crazy serual killer from the boondocks with these crazy horns Im sporting. They went and did ther checking. All the while I am shitting bricks wondering wut im in for. In a foreign land. The officer came back and sed Under these special circumstances Im not giving u a ticket (special circumstances meaning he cant do shit cos my nys drivers licence) but u have to park the car on the side and find another way home. He seemed so cheery and I was so relieved but at the same time tired. Since the wind was blowing in my direction I asked if i can drive it home. "YEEA NO WORRIES" I fucking love this place. So 2 days ago my mates yaniv and sophie got married. It was an amzing day. 6 of us not counting the midget that came to marry them chilling by the brighton beach shore. Then we took off in a limo to the Stokehouse. An upper class eatery in St Kilda. The day turned out to be an excellent one on which to get married and will be one to remember.

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