Friday, September 28, 2007

Aussie Slang

I am now in Los angeles. Landed here after taking a flight from Aussie to new Zealand. I drove my unregistered car to the airport in aussie and left it in the short term parking. I flew over to NZ where the main loong flight awaited me. I took a sedative my cousin gave me and it knocked me out. 11 hours passed and the whole time I slept. The last flight is now boarding from LAX to JFK. Danman is scooping me with a j ready rolled. I just called him to confirm he is scooping me and he informed that my sis gave birth. This werks out very well and im glad ill be home for the bris. So, just some aussie things ill type here b4 i 4get them. A chick is a "sheila". Someone got wut they deserved "fair dinkum" Bloody oath or bloody hell is said wen somethings unbelieveble. No worries and cheers we all know. They cut stuf short and say see you in the arvo (meaning afternoon) Pack of smokes is a deck. Sweet as instead of sweet. And the last I shall use to represent the time I had in Australia. Fully Sick!


  1. Hi gill it's Zach have a good flight

  2. hey gilly
    its sophie, luv the aussie slang u chucked on ur page buddy, and typically unaustralian of me i really cant think of any thing more in the oz slang department. Any way glad to see u got back to ny alive.
    Our emails are or thats incase yaniv didnt supply you with this info.
    anyway the weather heres getting warmer. sweet as!
    catch ya later akhi
    when yaniv and i win tattslotto we'll come and visit in ny.
    yalla bye


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