Monday, September 10, 2007


I'd be lying if I said much was going on these days. Been watching the world pass. Slowly. Along with this house came 2 little brats. Kimmy likes to lick my face and stick her nose in it in the mngs to get me up. I favored her over little quiet buddy in the beggining. But then I figured it all out. Shes has this strong hold over buddy in the sense that she does not allow him to come and get pet as she likes to get. The result is buddy sitting lonely on the side like cinderella. If he attempts she ushers him over to where im not looking, growls and threatens to bite off his face. Yes, Ive seen it happen one day. Then she comes to me peachy and bubbly as if nothing had happened. Scheming lil bitch. So, i drove off the other night in seacrh of this nice steak house. I figured id treat myself since myy cuz left me a wad of cash for babysitting my cousins. Drove out of town in a clouded stupor and was surprised when I got lost. Decided to get drive thru at Mcdonalds and come home. I dont care much about the outside world nowadays. Its all just annoying noise. Passing a pub on my way back from nowhere sat night I noticed the popular spot in St Kilda. People and chat were spilling out of every crevice of this place like fat on a fat lady. I truly do wonder, is there really that much to talk about? Is what your saying really that interesting? I doubt it. But ill prob pretend it is had we ever met. Trust that I will pretend.

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