Thursday, November 09, 2006

Democracy At Gunpoint Is Tyranny

Normally i dont rant about politics but while driving i noticed a neighbors house with a sign in the window reading "Democracy At Gunpoint Is Tyranny" Its amazing how blind most Americans are to this. An imperialist administration now governs our country. You get a clearer picture when abroad. Bush loves the fact that everyone thinks hes a moron. In hindsight he is enriching all the people that he calls friends and those who have fueled his failed business ventures prior to becoming president. He is actually a sharp, cut throat, int'l business minded financier who manipulated the political system in-order to improve his bottom line. He knows its easy to accept that someone stupid did something wrong. True, in some countries I would get castrated for speaking so freely, but the public mindset (because of their emotions toward terrorism) has become to accept that we are pushing our ways on people that want nothing to do with it. Their set in their ways. If a clear voice was to penetrate the terror alert level conscious, propaganda filled minds of the American public they would easily understand there is no way to westernize the middle east. Thousands of years of Muslim tradition isn't going to be swiped away by any 1 or 2 term governance. Bush's ultimate slap in the face was how he used our help to essentially steal a country and didn't even share the booty. Where the hell is all that oil that was spewing out of the ground burning on our CNN. The war was/is simply a way to enrich the American business elite. Yeah Saddam was an ass and all but there are much bigger fish to fry. Isn't it funny? A country we thought had weapons of mass destruction was obliterated while countries we know have them are left alone. I once thought bush was a bold war time president but he turned out to be a yellow belly pussy. If terrorism is what your 2 term presidency is all about than go it all the way. Put guns in your daughters hands as Saddam has with his sons. Bomb Iran. Bomb N Korea. Bomb SAUDI ARABIA since thats where the 9/11 jackers came from. And while your at it, Bomb all other countries that are trying to protect themselves as we have been doing for the past 230 years.

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