Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hello, Friend?

I sometimes think about how strange and complex relationships are. What i find is that absolutely everyone changes inevitably. Sometimes the changes are minute and nonapparant. Sometimes they change a persons character or personality. We all have our own self-adapted images of what/how we think others are and sometimes its surprising and unappealing when they turn out diferent. This is the cause of most divorces I think. I've met someone that lost part of their family in a fire and left a very lucrative career on Wall St to become a motivational speaker. He could no longer stand his wife since she was "spiritually beneath him". Another friend married his ex after dating for a solid 4 years and said they both no longer enjoyed eachothers company. So many horror stories keep me resilient after ending a long relationship. Realizing that there probably isnt one person in this world just for me gives me the same feeling an 8 yr old must have when they learn that Santa Claus doesnt exist.

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