Monday, January 29, 2007

Health (1st) Wealth (2nd) This post is gold.

In this post I will try to explain something that I found that is priceless. Being in the mail order business is stressful both on the mind and body. I openly admit to seeing a therapist for the past few months to share the little adventures my life puts me through. Anyway for the last few visits Jeff (my doc) would try to convince me to start with these nutritional suplements. I brushed him off each time. Until one day I asked him about why he thinks I am the thinnest in my family and wether he can provide any input on that. He again asked "Gil have you considered these Glyconutrients I've been telling you about?" What the fuck are glyconutrients im thinking. So he began to explain: He had a client that would come in and she had breast cancer. She did not want to get her breasts lopped off and go thru the poison they call chemotherapy. She sought alternatives and fell upon these glyconutrients. Now my doc is listening intently as his patient tells him that her cancer went away after taking this for 6 weeks. He is listening intently because its hard to believe but mainly because 10 years prior his daughter came down with MS (multiple sclurosis) and he dove into research on nutrition and took her to the worlds best specialists to no avail. Before I finish this story about his daughter I want to explain what these glyconutrients are. For the past 50-60 years a VERY necesarry nutrient has been phased out of our diets because of the way we now live. Green farming is a process where fruits and vegatables are pulled off the trees while they are still green so that by the time they arrive @ walgreens or your local supermarket 2 weeks has passed. There is an extremely vital super sugar that is only present in fruits and vegatables for one day after it has ripened and has been pulled from the tree. Our bodies work very hard to produce this nutrient and that is the reason some of us feel (crappy) sometimes. I have been taking this mix every morning and before I go to bed. Anyone that remembers Biology 101 understands that our bodies are made up of cells. They all have a nucleus yada yada yada. What you might not have known is that each cell has receptors made up of strains of protein and these receptors normally are active and have the electro communication that is essential for optimal health. Withought this important nutrient THE CELLS CANT COMMUNICATE. This is the cause of people dying more than ever regardless of the times were in with the money and research we have. People are dying more than ever and the only thing the super wealthy pharmas are doing is formulating drugs that they can sell to dying people in order to suppress symptoms. THEY ARE NOT RESEARCHING WAYS TO END THE DISEASES. My doctors daughters MS went away after 5 weeks of taking this stuff. If you dont know MS like HIV is incurable. He is extremely passionate when he rants about big pharmas and doctors that simply suppress symptoms with prescriptions and dont actually heal. The company that holds the composition patent for this "glyconutrition" is Manatech. If you are not taking this seriously YOU SHOULD! Read about this here

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