Saturday, January 27, 2007

An occurence that I must Document For I Shall Forget.

All the jive about short term memory loss is absolutley true and sometimes im glad I have this little space so that i can jot things down when they happen. HONESTY IS NOT THE BEST POLICY WITH POLICE! After having a FEW drinks at the Hudson Hotel on 58th St I was on my way home and I was just waiting for the green light that says Ezpass paid after exiting the Battery Tunnel coming back into bklyn. After the poll raised and i drove threw the toll i immediately braked because of the traffic caused by a road block. Police were apparantly stopping every car for some reason. All the while I am on the celly with Dan man. I put the phone on speaker and rest it on my lap. As i approached the officer he tells me to stop and motions for me to lower my window. He asks me where I was coming from and I half jokingly said "from the city" He asked where in the city? In a fraction of a second i thought ok im not going to say a bar or a party or anything to that effect. I evasively said "from midtown". He looked me in the eye and asked "how many have you had to drink tonight son?". I tryed not to speak in his direction so as not let him smell my breath. I said none. He looked as if he knew it all and that he had me caught. He said what if I ask you to come out of the car now and take a test? With zero hesitation I said "you have nothing to worry about in that department". He again mutely motioned with his hand but this time for me to drive off and so i did. I would not have passed any breathalizer or road side test had they performed one on me. If i was honest with the cop I would not be home typing this right now. I totally understand how criminals break. Its definatley not easy getting through the psycho analytical manipulative questions cops are trained to ask. All the while lying while intoxicated and still keeping cool is truely a feat. Cool is the key thing in such situations. If that fucker only probed with one or two more questions he would have scored. Its absolutely amazing how will power controls us. If your confident in yourself you can lie and even you would believe it. A essential component of a successful lie is acting as if you believe it yourself.

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