Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Danielle 1996

I've been thinking alot about an ex girlfriend by the name of Danielle. She was my first real girlfriend I think. She would always write me letters and surprise me with gifts. She was beautiful and it was great hanging out with her. She came as a guest with another girl to my surprise b-day party. I was turning 15. Anyway, I broke up with her one day, not sure exactly why. I think mainly becuase of external influences like friends complaining she wasnt jewish (who ulitimately were prob just jealous). I'll never forget how hard she fought for me. She was in no way willing to give up. I think true love is rare but it was preasant and I was totally oblivious to it. I did not appreciate her whatsoever. I remmember one episode when on a public bus she broke down crying. She, like me, never gave a shit about what people thought. She effectively fell deep into drugs. I miss her.


  1. she was on mtv true life this week

  2. Luckily I have moved forward in life and am happy. I do remember those days and as you say I was a fighter which is the reason I am still alive today. I am doing well and and I hope that you are too, you come across my mind every so often. You and your family were exceptionally nice people. Hope all is well.


Thanx, it was sent.