Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So since money seems to be one of the more important things one needs to attain while alive, I have decided to look at life not like a box of chocolates but like a monopoly game board that I was dropped on violently. I will have to outwit and outsmart others also playing in-order to gain points. I have always met the goals that I have set for myself and now I am setting a new one. This goal isnt easily attainable. During the days leading to my recent b-day I have looked at my life in retrospect and am a little peeved that I have been wasting alot of time and energy on bs. I have not been making proper moves on the game board. The goal that I set for myself now is to take my office to 5th Ave. . This is not about proving to anyone that I can do it. I just think if one looks @ the world as a game where specific moves yield attainable results this person can define their own destiny instead of waiting for things to happen. Or waiting for g-d to make them happen. As anyone does when they play a game long enough, I think I have learned the rules in this one.

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