Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Am A Wannabe Lawyer (Dispute with logistics provider)

Hi, I have been in contact with Stuart Hettleman, Bill, Dennis Dillon (whom has been the most helpful), Bernard and many other reps there. I had to wait over 2 months to recieve payment on a claim that long ago closed. Apparantly it is the plan of your company to not pay me for certain tvs damaged by your establishment. Yesterday on Presidents day the said items were brought to my satelite office. I have not ever scheduled with anyone for anything to be delivered to me. This is a small satelite office. When Bernard Quandt called me and solicited my business I explained this to him. This is the last correspondence you will recieve from me as an attempt to quell this dispute without legal intervention. Target and all of its affiliates including Discovery Cargo should be made aware that defamation of character is a direct effect of negative reviews and customer credit card disputes. It causes irrepairable damage to an INTERNET company like mine. The sum in-which we will seek retribution for the irreversible damages caused to our Corporation will far exceed the amount you owe us for damaging our tvs. The reason for this email is simple. It seems your claim department only gets pushed into gear and starts working when someone calls and complains. WHY IS THIS? Isnt an essential component of any healthy logistics company a good claims department. One that pays when they break merchandise and doesnt put their customers through sleepless nights worrying about whether it will take 3 months to get paid. I have bulit from scratch a great business that provides a fantastic service to the public. If it is not your intention to assist us with aspects of your business such as claims and payments then we will have to find a healthy logistics provider that can. We will continue providing this service to our customers across the nation. I would love to continue shipping with you. Another claim has supposedly been closed a week ago, where is the payment on that one??? Please let me know in the coming days if the other claims in question will be paid and closed. Thank You.

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