Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hudson Valley 3-4

I took this shot while sitting on my couch.

Encountering animals is quite different when they acknowledge your presence.

Not sure how much truth there is to this but i think being up here in the outback allows me to hone in on and prioritize certain issues. I am now just hanging on my couch.. I think im growing up. Things that seemed longer now seem shorter. Now, when I look down the block, I see down 5. The day used to drag and now it seems even tho I decide to wake earlier the day is too short. If there was more time more can get done! 2 hour drives that once seemed endless now pass fast. Although its been ten or eleven years with my respective crowd I can sum it all up in one week. I think im gonna just settle down...Seems to be the thing to do. I can totally see a cute wife and kid fitting into this country life. I think most would say this fuck you mentality I have isnt good public relations. I believe this is true. This is why I am not in politics. Also I dont think being a famous artist is any good either and if I was one I picture myself being like Eminem or the way Curt Kobain was. Like "yea thx for liking my stuff now go fuck urself". Because my house is so far up on top of a mountain whenever it rains locally it snows up here. The snow flakes are falling now and they are so big. It goes with out saying that I now know I will not live in or near the city when I marry and raise kids as my parents have decided to do with me. It will definately be somewhere beautiful like where I am now. Id like to go further north though toward Bufallo. I imagine there is alot of land just ready to be bought and developed up there . And their not gassed like some are here in hunter cause they think their close to NYC. Developing is the biz I would like to ultimately be in. I have to admit I feel like im strange because I havent taken any prospect seriously recently in terms of relationships. Im doing exactly what I always rememmber telling myself to do anticipating the next time I would have been single. Still though I feel like an outcast.

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